4 Sikhs Beaten Up In Rajasthan Village, Probe Ordered As Video Goes Viral

4 Sikhs Beaten Up In Rajasthan Village, Probe Ordered As Video Goes Viral

AJMER:  A mob drags four Sikh men out of a Bolero SUV and thrashes them mercilessly. Some villagers watch sullenly, others kick one of the four who has fallen and is lying face down. Next to him, the widely-shared video of the mob violence in Rajasthan's Ajmer last month shows another elderly man groaning as he too appears unable to get up.

The Rajasthan State Minorities Commission has taken note of the horrific video taken on 24 April and sought a report from detailing the sequence of events and the action taken by the Ajmer police.

But the person who took the video and posted it online may also get into trouble."This should not be seen as a communal incident. It seems one party was aggrieved and so acted the way they did," the minorities commission chairman Jasbir Singh said.

"However, we will not only take action against the perpetrators but also against persons who made these videos and posted them online... leading to tension between communities," Mr Singh, who heads the panel to protect rights of minorities in the state, told NDTV.

According to the police, the four men who faced the wrath of the mob were a group of sevadars, or volunteers, from a gurudwara in Alwar's Khairtal locality. They stopped at Rajgarh village on the Ajmer-Nasirabad highway to seek alms for the gurudwara's langar, or free kitchen.

But one of the women in the village felt she had been hypnotised by them.
The villager later took the four to the police and insisted that the police register a case against them. The volunteers from the gurudwara, however, turned down an offer from the police to register a cross-case.

Ajmer district police chief Rajendra Singh said the police had been "apprised of the video that has gone viral" and would investigate it.


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