Need Freedom To Meet Person I Love, It's My Right, Says Hadiya

Need Freedom To Meet Person I Love, It's My Right, Says Hadiya


COIMBATORE:  Kerala woman Hadiya, admitted to a college in Tamil Nadu after being freed from her parent's custody on the orders of the Supreme Court, says she doesn't have the freedom to meet her husband Shafin Jahan. Her parents have told the Supreme Court that she was brainwashed and forced to convert to Islam by a man who wants to recruit her for terror.

"I need freedom. I need the freedom to meet the person I love. I wanted to meet my husband, I asked for freedom from court. Till now I did not get freedom," Hadiya, 25, told NDTV at Salem, where she was readmitted to a homeopathy college last evening.

"I am asking for my fundamental rights," she said.

The Principal of the Sivaraj Homeopathy Medical College said on Tuesday that he would allow Hadiya to "meet anyone" but with his permission.

Hadiya was admitted as Akhila Asokan, her name before she converted, and starts classes today. Principal G Kannan said, "I will allow her to meet anyone including her husband with my permission".

Hadiya's parents had refused to accept her marriage to Shafin Jahan -- a Muslim who returned to Kerala from the Middle East -- claiming that he was a terrorist who wanted to take their daughter to Syria. In May, the Kerala High Court had ordered an annulment and gave her custody to her parents. Shafin Jahan had challenged the order in the top court.

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