Day After Nudge From PM Modi, A New Task For BJP Lawmakers

Day After Nudge From PM Modi, A New Task For BJP Lawmakers


NEW DELHI:  Just a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi nudged BJP lawmakers to use his mobile app, the party's representatives in parliament have been given a new task to make sure that they do.

They have to respond to a survey designed to gauge the impact of central government schemes back in their respective constituencies that would help PM Modi to identify schemes that have made a difference to the lives of people, and resonate with the public.

The feedback through the party's parliamentarians would also help PM Modi's office to assess the success of the schemes beyond official statistics, and identify the weak links in their implementation.

It would also help assess if the lawmakers were really reaching out to people with the government's biggest schemes.

The MPs have time till 11 January to tap in their responses.

Yesterday, PM Modi had surprised many at the BJP's parliamentary meet when he told them that he his messages to lawmakers sent over the mobile app largely went without a response. "I send good morning messages but apart from five or six MPs, no one responds," he said.

That, a BJP leader said, was just a way of sending across a clear message to the lawmakers that they should make better use of the mobile app that was launched in 2015 and has clocked upwards of 10 million downloads.

PM Modi makes extensive use of the mobile app including during the campaigning for the Gujarat elections recently when he had used the application to reach out, and chat with thousands of the party's women workers in the state.

In this survey, lawmakers have to identify the flagship scheme which had had the maximum impact in their constituency and evaluate its implementation.

Tucked in the five-questionnaire was also a reminder that he expected them to touch base with the beneficiaries of various government schemes.

The lawmakers have to report if they "engage with beneficiaries" by meeting them or through SMS or email. They also have to spell out the mechanism that they have devised to collect feedback about implementation of the schemes from the people and report their observations to the people. "Please share details," it says. The lawmakers have also been asked to indicate their views on the content uploaded in the mobile app on the positive steps being taken by government. 

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