Watch: 6 Women Navy Officers On Expedition Brave Raging Storm In Pacific

Watch: 6 Women Navy Officers On Expedition Brave Raging Storm In Pacific


NEW DELHI:  Six women naval officers on a journey around the world are seen braving a storm in the Pacific Ocean as they make their way to the Falkland Islands, in a video shared by the Navy.

The all-women crew is sailing on a 55-foot yacht, the INSV Tarini, on their eight-month circumnavigation of the globe. According to the Navy, they showed exceptional daring and skill to navigate their way through the turbulent waters and rain.

The officers are part of the Navika Sagar Parikrama expedition, the first ever attempt by an all-women crew from India to sail around the globe.

The team is led by Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi. They left from Goa in September and have made stops in Australia and New Zealand. After the Falkland Islands, they are to sail to South Africa before returning in March. The other officers are Lieutenant Commanders Pratibha Jamwal and P Swathi, and Lieutenants Payal Gupta, Vijaya Devi and B Aishwarya.

The Navy says they were trained at the Ocean Sailing Node. "Bravo Zulu, to the crew to go through some tough sailing conditions!!" - it said in a message to the officers.  

The made-in-India INSV Tarini, built by Aquarius Shipyard Pvt Ltd, Goa, was inducted into the Navy early this year.

During their journey, the officers have also collated meteorological, ocean and wave data and monitored marine pollution.

In November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted: "Delighted to know. The team of #INSVTarini continues their mission with unmatched determination."

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