Why Friday The 13th Is Considered Unlucky? A Look At Some Common Superstitions

Why Friday The 13th Is Considered Unlucky? A Look At Some Common Superstitions

NEW DELHI:  It's Friday the 13th today. Does that ring an 'ominous' bell? Superstitious people relate Friday the 13th to anxiety, fear and paranoia - they dread something bad would happen today. They call Friday the 13th a cursed day, a bad omen, an unlucky day. But do you know how it got associated as an "inauspicious day"? A school of thought believes that the fear of Friday the 13th stem from early Christianity. 

Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday, and Judas, who betrayed him, was the thirteenth guest to join the table during the Last Supper. But not all Fridays that fall on the 13th, are considered 'unlucky'. It is believed that for a month to have a Friday the 13th, it must begin with a Sunday. April of this year began with the Easter Sunday, so today is the "dreaded day"!

In 1907, the novel 'Friday the 13th' was first published. It was written by Thomas W. Lawson, who was intensely superstitious.  In the story, a Wall Street broker tried to crash the stock markets on Friday the 13th. The popular novel is still getting reprinted.

In popular series 'Friday the 13th', which has 12 horror films, the main character Jason Voorhees is psychotic, mask-wearing killer who goes on a murderous rampage. This is believed to have contributed largely in fueling superstitions around Friday the 13th.

Here are some common superstitions related to Friday the 13th:

1. Fear of number 13 has its own name. It's called 'triskaidekaphobia'.  High-rise apartments do not have floor number 13. They instead, prefer to name it as floor no. 12 B or simply skip numbering it as 13th floor. On Friday the 13th, people avoid anything that's to do with number 13. They avoid lodging in room numbered 13, vacate row number 13 on flights.

2. Gathering in a group of 13 people is a strict no-no on 'ominous' Friday the 13th.

3. For marriages, Friday the 13th is generally not preferred.

4. People prefer to avoid Friday the 13th for travel.

5. Big purchases like house or car are also avoided on Friday the 13th by superstitious people