Did Benedict Cumberbatch just confirm a major 'Avengers: Infinity War' fan theory?

Did Benedict Cumberbatch just confirm a major 'Avengers: Infinity War' fan theory?

Benedict Cumberbatch is the only star in Avengers: Infinity War, apart from (possibly) Robert Downey Jr to have read the whole script of the movie. Everyone else on the cast roster was given bits that were necessary for their character. 

While appearing on Good Morning America, Cumberbatch had said, "I had to just, sorta, understand what the context was. Strange has this wonderful role in it and I’m trying to, kinda, hold the multiverse together.

"So kinda needed to know what goes on in-between those brackets."

This is what makes Benedict's job harder. He has to be more careful about what he says on this planet encompassing promotional tour.

The Sherlock star seems to have slipped this time. 

According to a report in Express.co.uk, while appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Cumberbatch teased the plot of the film.

He said, "I was allowed to read the whole script so I do know what is happening, but I can't tell you about it.

"What I can say is that I am helping the world and worlds beyond it – potentially."

The quote above is fanning the flames of a fan theory that speculates about the Avengers opting for time travel to save the universe. Because Cumberbatch's character -- Doctor Strange -- is guarding the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamoto. We have seen his ability to manipulate time in the solo movie that released in 2016. Could it be that Doctor Strange will turn the time and create events that will change the course of Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it?

All shall be revealed on April 27.