TIME's Latest Cover Morphs Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

TIME's Latest Cover Morphs Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

NEW DELHI: The latest July 30 edition of TIME magazine is out and it has a morphed cover photo of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Titled "The Summit Crisis", the cover comes after the two leaders' controversial summit in Helsinki, Finland, earlier this week.

During the controversial summit, the two leaders conferred on a range of issues including terrorism, Israeli security, nuclear proliferation and North Korea. But what drew domestic criticism was Mr Trump's stand on alleged interference by Russia in the 2016 US presidential elections.

Robert Mueller, US special counsel, had alleged that 12 Russian nationals were involved in interference in the 2016 US presidential election, and had a sophisticated plot to wage "information warfare" on the United States by carrying out cyber attacks on Democratic Party networks.

Critics complained that instead of taking a firm stand against Vladimir Putin over Russian interference in the US election, Donald Trump accepted his denials over the word of American intelligence agencies.

This controversial summit inspired the latest TIME's cover. TIME tweeted the cover image with the headline of their cover story, "Trump Wanted a Summit With Putin. He Got Way More Than He Bargained For".

It is not the first time TIME Magazine has featured a cover on a controversy around US President.

Earlier in June, the TIME Magazine cover had Donald Trump gazing into a mirror and seeing his reflection dressed as a King, complete with a crown and a fur robe. The cover story is titled, "King Me - Visions of absolute power". The cover was in reference to the political attacks launched by the White House on Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

In the January 2017 cover, the President was depicted facing rising water in the Oval office.

In March 2017 cover; Mr Trump's tumultuous relationship with Washington was depicted on Time's magazine cover.