No Ambulance, Pregnant Woman Carried On Cot Through Flooded Streets

No Ambulance, Pregnant Woman Carried On Cot Through Flooded Streets

TIKAMGARH (MADHYA PRADESH): Covered with a polythene sheet, a pregnant woman, experiencing severe labour pains, was carried on a cot by four men, as they made their way through flooded streets of Madhya Pradesh's Tikamgarh.

The video of the incident, shot on Wednesday, is being circulated on social media and has been widely criticized.

The family of the woman said that had little choice as the woman was in pain and the ambulance service number 108 failed to respond on time.

They also pleaded with the hospital authorities to send an ambulance immediately, but it could not reach their village due to water-logging, said a family member.

Dr Ravi Rawat of Prithvipur district hospital said, "I was not aware of this incident. Hence, I'll be able to tell you anything only after checking with the concerned authorities."

Just over two weeks ago, a man in the same district was forced to carry the body of his mother on a motorcycle for post-mortem. The woman, identified as Kunwar Bai, had died due to a snake bite. Her family alleged that they were refused a mortuary van by the district hospital.

When the mortuary van was denied, her son was left with no choice but to tie her body to his bike and take her there for an autopsy. A video of the incident was widely circulated on social media.