Congress Social Media Member Arrested For Sexual Harassment, Gets Bail

Congress Social Media Member Arrested For Sexual Harassment, Gets Bail

NEW DELHI: The Congress's social media team member Chirag Patnaik was released on bail hours after he was arrested on charges of sexual harassment on Monday night, the police said. The Delhi police filed a First Information Report or FIR on July 3 against Patnaik after a woman who worked with him accused the Congress member of molesting her.

"The complainant said she was a member of the Congress social media team. Since the offences are cognisable, we booked the accused Chirag Patnaik..." senior police officer Madhur Verma had told reporters after Patnaik was booked earlier this month.

The woman has left the Congress social media team. 

"As stated in the complaint, Mr. Chirag Patnaik abused his official position to engage in perverted acts which can be mildly termed as Sexual Harassment. The Applicant conveyed her disapproval both verbally and by action, but Mr. Chirag Patnaik did not relent and continued with acts of harassment," an entry in the Delhi police FIR said.

Earlier this month, the party's social media head, Divya Spandana, issued a statement with signatures of Patnaik's team members vouching for his "good character".

Ms Spandana said she was unaware of the allegations till she was approached by a reporter. She said she has contacted the complainant and is waiting for her response.

The BJP has asked the Delhi police to ensure they investigate the allegations thoroughly.

"We appeal to the Delhi police to also ensure the safety of the woman who complained of sexual harassment at the social media office of the Congress," BJP parliamentarian Meenakshi Lekhi had told reporters.