Record-Breaking Heatwave Bakes Australia: Report

Record-Breaking Heatwave Bakes Australia: Report

CANBERRA: Thousands of people in Australia are sweltering under severe heatwave conditions for the second time in nearly a month as temperatures across the country rose to 12 degrees Celsius above average.

In most places, temperature rose above 40 degrees during the weekend and extreme weather conditions are expected to prevail during the entire week. According to weather forecast, all of Australia's eight states and territories are expected to be affected by the heatwave, CNN reported.

"Plan to keep yourself cool, check in on family and friends and follow the advice from your local health authorities," the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement.

After Christmas, an unsparing heatwave swept across the country leading to extreme or severe fire warnings in the three states giving rise to a drought-like situation.

Marble Bar, a town in northwestern Australia, is recording temperature above 40 degrees Celsius for the last 22 consecutive days. At one point, the temperatures touched nearly 50 degrees Celsius, as per the report.

According to forecasts by the Bureau of Meteorology, the extended heatwave conditions are expected to prevail in southeastern Australia, including Sydney and New South Wales in the next few days. A relief from the extreme weather is expected by Friday.

Severe weather conditions come at a time when Australian Open is underway in Melbourne, which has recorded temperature above 30 degrees Celsius.

It is also the second time in two years that extreme heatwave conditions are prevailing during the sports tournament, with some tennis players collapsing or complaining of uneasiness and heatstroke in the last year's edition.